BMX Comes to Town!

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Tri-Valley High school brought a strong and positive message for all their high school and middle school students. Once or twice a year Tri-Valley likes to bring in a special guest that can send good positive messages to all the students.  Tri-valley welcomed the BMX show into the high school gym on Tuesday, March 29. BMX are organized bicycle racers that usually have a dirt track and big ramps to do tricks and stunts on.

In our case, we had two ramps that the bicyclists did amazing tricks and stunts on. The importance behind the BMX showing was to ‘Bring Your A Game’ and make sure that every student is doing their best and trying their hardest at everything they do. The students really enjoyed the show not only because they got out of class for a little bit, but because they got to watch an amazing BMX show that was influential and full of adrenaline.

Mr. Pflanz, definitely understood the adrenaline from the show, considering the bicyclists had him get on top of one of the ramps, and jumped over him with their bikes.

“I thought it was pretty cool, I wanted to get my cellphone out and take a video of it!” stated Pflanz.

Mr. Pflanz, Tri-Valley’s principal, has been at Tri-Valley for the past fourteen years. Almost every one to two years he tries to bring in something that will peek his students’ interests. Mr. Pflanz hopes that his students take this into effect and really take the message to heart.

The high school students participated in the BMX show by showing thumbs up or thumbs down for the stunts

The middle school and high school students participated in the BMX show by showing thumbs up or thumbs down for the stunts. A favorite stunt by many of the students was when a stunt rider jumped over Mr. Pflanz.


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BMX Comes to Town!