Opening Day of Baseball Excites Fans

Matthew Prather

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Major League Baseball opening day is a major event, not just in a few states but around the country. Just a few months ago, the World Series took place in Kansas City, and the Royals took the series four games to one against the New York Mets. Every year they always have the World Series rematch for the first game and the Royals won that one as well.

Junior Jacob Lieseth, a baseball enthusiast, said, “My favorite team is the Minnesota Twins, and my prediction is they will win their division. Brian Dozer will lead them to the playoffs. I try to watch the Twins and maybe another game.”

Other games around the league weren’t as nail biting as the World Series rematch. Some teams came out strong like the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago Cubs, winning their games 15-0 and 9-0.

“The Royals and the Cubs will make the World Series this year. I think the Royals will win back to back World Series but winning it in seven games,” said Lieseth.

Even though it is April, some teams have had their games postponed by bad weather or freezing temperatures. Yankee and Boston fans were disappointed they didn’t get to see their team play because of the weather.

Opening day for baseball can be a great starting point for some teams or players but it could also be the start of a downfall for others.


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Opening Day of Baseball Excites Fans