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Every day, Tri-Valley students rush their way through the halls to get to their next class, and sometimes they do not make it before the bell rings. Every so often, students get a tardy because they took a couple extra seconds at their locker or they have to run to the bathroom quickly.

Each and every day at least one teacher gives out a tardy sometime during the school day. It is not the teacher’s fault if a student is late to class, and sometimes it is not the student’s fault. Some might say three minutes between classes is not enough time to get something from your locker, go to the bathroom, and still make it to your next class on time.

“I don’t understand when I try to hurry to class, and I don’t make it right on time, I still get a tardy,” said senior Jena Farr.

One of Tri-Valley’s juniors, Abby McDonald, feels like she also does not have enough time between her classes, especially when the next classroom is a lot further away than the rest of her classes.

“It should be longer so I can have time to eat…without getting yelled at,” said McDonald.

Also, taking into consideration the hours of the school day, Tri- Valley’s classes are about fifty minutes long. In addition, with longer breaks, means longer school days. With the fifty minute classes, if there were two extra minutes every time, Tri-Valley could make the classes each an hour long.

It would give students more time to learn and understand the lesson more clearly. Adding on a few extra minutes between classes can help the students be well prepared for their class, as well as being less stressed for the day.

Making it to class on time!

Making it to class on time!

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