Swinging for the Fences

Logan Larsen, Contributor

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Tri-Valley Baseball is one of the high school sports that is sometimes overlooked. It is not a school sponsored sport, so it is left to the coaches to set everything up. The team this year has 22 members and 5 seniors. With good leadership, the seniors are working to help the younger players get better and ready them for next year. Coaches Brandon DeWitt and Jeff Breitkreutz are in their first year as coaches and are looking to set up a steady program for years to come.

So far this year, the Mustangs are 0-3, being beaten by West Central and twice by Hanson County. With 10 more games to go this year, the team is hoping to get hot and get on a winning streak to get into the playoffs.

Senior catcher Matt Prather says, “We’re always working to get better, and we’re hoping we can start winning some games to get us into regions. I think the coaches are doing a great job this year doing whatever they can to get a program going and to help show the younger players the ropes and the fundamentals on how to play the game. I think the seniors are a big part of the team. By leading the team through practices, and showing the younger players how to do things the right way, the seniors are leading by example, and hope to make the program better down the line.”

If you’re interested in watching the Mustangs play, the team has a game next Thursday in Colton at 6 p.m.

The team is off to a rough start, but are hoping to get hot until the end of the season,

The team is off to a rough start, but are hoping to get hot until the end of the season,

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Swinging for the Fences