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Kiana Kuchta

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The cast of the drama department after their performance of Storybook Reunion Murders.

With the school year wrapping up, Tri-Valley’s drama department is too. This past Thursday and Friday they put on a performance no one thought they were going to pull off.

From rough play practices to people not showing up, Mrs. Beaner, the director thought this play was going to be a disaster. “Some students are struggling a lot with memorizing their lines and it is a concern,” said Beaner.

Aleah Burgraff, a junior, the queen in the play stated, “I’ve been in 12 plays, so memorizing my lines is pretty easy for me.” The hardest part of play is getting everyone to cooperate especially when no one shows up for practices. “My favorite part of play is being able to take on a completely different personalty and pretend to be someone unlike yourself in front of people and feed them your emotions,” said Burgraff.

Stroybook Reunion Murders was the performance the drama department put on. The alumni of Aesop Academy, a school for nursery rhyme characters, are having a reunion. Unfortunately, so are the alumni of Grimm High, their cross-town rivals and both gatherings have been scheduled for the same time and place! Old grudges are rekindled, and tensions run high. The powder keg explodes when the Cat is killed followed by Piggy. There’s no end to the laughs as the two warring schools team up to solve the mystery or risk suffering the same fate!

Kaylee Ranby, a junior at Tri-Valley, attended the performance on Thursday. “The play was really good and funny, was well put together considering everything that has happened,” said Ranby.

The play was led by six seniors: Kiana Kuchta, Demi Hoover, Cassie Blair, Zach DeGroot, and Kadee Paine, they will all be greatly missed by Mrs. Beaner, and the rest of the actors.


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